1.0.18 is mostly a maintenance release. Actual changes are addition of idle/serveridle to #info, and password star-out disabling itself after some more text has come (this fixes annoying false positives).

Log-processing tools: ansi2html, ansi2txt, ttyrec2ansi and pipetty have been removed; they are available as a separate package now.

Note that since 1.0.16 support for non-GNU make has been dropped, please use gmake on systems that use other makes.


Debian and Ubuntu have KBtin in the regular archives. So do most other distributions, although some may haven't been updated in a while.



KBtin is a very heavily extended clone of well-known TinTin++.

The features include:

KBtin has been ported to the following systems:

Installation from sources

To install KBtin, you need to:

Reporting bugs

If you have a bug or an idea report, please report it on GitHub rather than on the old SourceForge's bug tracker.
You can also try mailing me.

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