1.0.17 adds fixes to color code support, overstrike, #hook title, #sendchar, $SERVERIDLE.

ansi2html has been greatly reworked.

New tool: pipetty, allows non-interactively capturing a program's output in color. This is redundant but simpler than scripting so in KBtin.

Note that since 1.0.16 support for non-GNU make has been dropped, please use gmake on systems that use other makes.

Apt lines

Debian and Ubuntu:
deb     http://angband.pl/debian sid main
deb-src http://angband.pl/debian sid main



KBtin is a very heavily extended clone of well-known TinTin++.

The features include:

KBtin is supported on the following systems (and is likely to work on other Unices, too):

Installation from sources

To install KBtin, you need to:

Reporting bugs

If you have a bug or an idea report, please report it on GitHub rather than on the old SourceForge's bug tracker.
You can also try mailing me.

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