1.0.14 fixes some portability issues, and also corrects problems related to the backlog (changing window size, extra color codes and newlines when dumping it to a file).

Apt lines

Debian and Ubuntu:
deb     http://angband.pl/debian sid main
deb-src http://angband.pl/debian sid main



KBtin is a very heavily extended clone of well-known TinTin++.

The features include:

KBtin is supported on the following systems (and is likely to work on other Unices, too):

Installation from sources

To install KBtin, you need to:

Reporting bugs

If you happen to find a bug, don't hesitate to use the bug reporting system. This includes idea reports as well: if you want a feature to be added to KBtin, just let me know. SourceForge's bug tracker seems to be getting worse and worse; if you can't stand it, a direct mail is good too -- somehow, most of feedback comes this way...
At this moment, I would especially appreciate reports about the documentation: I can search for bugs in code myself, but there is no way I can tell that something should be explained better or in a more comprehensible way.
You can also try mailing me.

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